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Adam Saaks is the man known as the wizard with the scissors. He can turn a plain black t-shirt into the latest fashion trend in less than 5 minutes and, the craziest part is, he wasn’t even interested in the industry. In fact, he even said: “The funny thing is I was never really interested in fashion. It kind of pulled me into it. I didn't do it to be a part of anything, it just kind of made me a part of it, especially with the T-shirt cutting. I definitely didn't do it to be in the fashion industry, I just like the act of cutting shirts. It happened one day by accident when I cut a shirt in public for someone who asked me to cut them a shirt. It drew a big audience and I just fell in love with it right then and there. This was more like performance art and the fashion industry turned it into a market. Now it's evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.”

Aside from the models shown in the video, he has even worked with the likes of Heidi Klum! Who knew that a plain black tee could be sexier than that little black dress?


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