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Cartoons have predicted the future countless times. Here is a compilation that includes shows from The Simpsons to South ParkFamily Guy and more.

Looking back at the sheer number of times cartoons have predicted the future, you would think the writers are part of a secret society that controls future events. 

For instance, when The Simpsons said that Donald Trump would become president, or when Futurama predicted the 2015 Miss Universe blunder when Steve Harvey crown the wrong participant.

South Park also features quite often, in one scene, they predict the movie, Brokeback Mountain, would be a hit a decade before it was even filmed. The crazy show, Robot Chicken, predicted who would be the voice of Chucky, the possessed doll, in the movie reboot.

It's not just what would happen to people that have been foretold. In the 1980s, Inspector Gadget predicted almost every piece of tech we use today, like digital cameras, smartwatches, laptops, self-driving cars and more. Back then, it was impossible technology that nobody thought would become so popular.

Other shows predicted war or disease, space flight, hologram messages and a plethora of AI tech. It's unquestionably fascinating and a tad creepy, so you should watch it immediately. It makes you wonder what scenes we're watching today will come true tomorrow...

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