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Social media allows everyone to share their personality, but some accounts aren't meant to be funny. Some brands have become very funny and sometimes ridiculous thanks to their social networks. The latest to join the ranks of smart media is the National Park Service (NPS). The people who manage this account not only make real-time updates but also create top-of-mind engagement. Incredibly silly details, while sometimes silly, can also be very enlightening.

Earlier this year, the NPS gained attention after telling people to "never push a friend to slow down during a bear attack...even if you think the friendship is on its way." This clever way of educating people about the caution needed during the bear season is just part of the endless fun found by social media expert Matt Turner.

Thousands of different animals live in national parks, which means everyone has a chance to be in the spotlight. For example, the NPS showed how Monday's scare affects the entire animal kingdom, whether it's a bear or a mink. Of course, there are seasonal stars, like the mean Thanksgiving turkey.

However, the spotlight on these animals still contains important information for tourists, such as questions about patience when encountering bison. Whether you're a frequent visitor or just want to spice up your day with fun events and photos, the NPS Twitter account is a real asset. If you prefer Instagram, you can make money with the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards by posting photos to Instagram.

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