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The dancing bears look straight out of a fairy tale, but teacher and photography enthusiast Valtteri Mulkahainen discovered that the magical scene takes place in real life. While exploring the Finnish forest near the town of Martinselkonen, he saw a she-bear walking to a clearing with three of her cubs. "I hid and watched  what they would do," he tells My Modern Met.

While the mother bear was alone, the cubs were much more active. "The boys played together like little children," he says. “They stood in a circle and started pushing each other, stamping their feet, it was like dancing in a circle. They stood there for about half a minute pushing and shoving.” As expected, this became playful hooliganism. “Then they started fighting and they all ended up in a heap on the floor.” Mulkahainen was fortunate to capture much of this on camera.

Although Dancing Cubs represent some of Mulkahainen's most popular pieces, he has amassed an impressive portfolio over the years. "I enjoy photographing Finnish nature and wildlife," he says. "Finnish nature, especially in winter in Lapland, is very beautiful."

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