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There are many textile artists transforming wool into all sorts of cute creations, from fluffy forest animals to needle-felted groceries. Wool-felt creature by Shuljak, creates whimsical wool toys that put a smile on the face of anyone who meets her. 

Shuljak's portfolio of miniature felt friends includes recognisable creatures such as polar bears and foxes, but he also creates cute, otherworldly creatures that seem to have wandered from an enchanted forest. From tiny smiling trees to plump little fellows with plants growing from their heads, Shuljak's playful characters celebrate a love of nature and a childlike imagination.

The artist started creating her felted animals when a friend gave her a bundle of yarn. She turned him into a bear and a bunny and  continues to add to her cute collection to this day. The talented textile artist even runs her own toy workshops. 
Shulyak is inspired by the response she receives from people holding her creations in their hands. She says  her work "doesn't pretend to be an exhibition hall, doesn't pretend to be art," but is "just little bundles of joy, carefree second smiles."

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