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Social media can give us a glimpse into the modern classroom. From tweets describing inspirational teaching practices to screenshots of a tearful professor's  thank you note, posts across platforms prove  there's no shortage of great educators these days. The last teacher to take the social media spotlight? Nathan Alexander, a 34-year-old math professor, offered to selflessly look after a student's child during class.

Last week, Wayne Hayer, a new dad enrolled in Alexander's class at Morehouse College, couldn't find a babysitter to look after his daughter Assata. Not knowing what to do, but not wanting to miss classes, he decided to take a girl with him. When Hayer arrived with his "special guest," he was warmly greeted by Alexander, who did his best to support the young pope.

"When one of my colleagues walked into the classroom with his baby in his arms, he was quick to explain to my professor that he couldn't find a nanny and that he had no one to look after her," another student, Nick Vaughn,  explained  Facebook. "My professor said, 'No problem, I'll even hold it so you can take better notes in class.' ”

For more than an hour, Alexander carried Assata, which he threw, caressed and even accidentally lulled. "As she started to fall asleep, I told the class, 'I think I'm bored now,'" Alexander recalled in an interview with Buzzfeed News. After the lecture, some of Alexander's students shared a cute story on Twitter that has since gone viral. 

Firda Amalia Hayer, mother of little Assata, also took to social media to praise Alexander and the public for supporting the young couple. "Seeing the overwhelming support of  friends, family and strangers for Assata and Wayne is a sight to behold. I  feel real love and excitement," she said. “Thank you for inspiring us to keep moving forward. Thank you to black educators like Dr. Nathan Alexander [sic] for your compassion and understanding."

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