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For many nature photographers, there is no muse  as magical as a flower meadow. This venerable place is particularly popular for aerial photographs, whose atmospheric images allow us to explore the fascinating meadows from a bird's eye view. One photographer who has taken this trend to the next level is Samir Belhamra, a visual artist whose love of aerial photography led him to a lavender field in France.

This field of flowers in Valensole, a picturesque town in Provence, covers the golden landscape with shades of purple. To capture the beauty of this place, Belhamra starts his video from the ground. He slowly points his DJI Mavic Air drone towards the sky  to present perfectly arranged and seemingly endless rows of flowers from different angles. 

This stunning footage isn't Belhamra's only experience filming the fragrant field. The photographer further documents the site in a series of photos posted to his Instagram. Along with his video, these photographs demonstrate the unmistakable beauty of the field, whether captured on a starry night or  from the summer sky.

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