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Baby animals are known for putting a smile on our faces, but a calf in particular has its own permanent smile. A dairy farm in Australia recently shared a photo of one of their newest Holstein calves, and while he's as cute as any newborn, this one has  four markings on the side of his torso that look  like a smiley face. And if that's not a lucky sign, we don't know what  is. 

The farm near Ripplebrook, Victoria is owned by Barry Coster and his wife Megan. They raise about 700 calves a year and have seen markings ranging from numbers to hearts, but emoji is completely new to them. Two relatively equal black spots resemble  eyes, a smaller one looks like a nose, and then there's a long curve that creates a smiling mouth. Because of this cheerful appearance, the calf was named Lucky. 

Happy's footsteps not only won the hearts of people around the world, but also changed the course of his life. “Some of our workers want him as a pet and as a lawnmower in their yard. He's going to be around for a while," says Megan Coster. Now Happy can look forward to a long life, grazing the fields and no doubt spreading joy wherever he goes.

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