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The love for grandma and grandpa knows no bounds. They can be very warm, gentle and resourceful to show  little ones how much they are loved. A California man named David Zielke is a prime example when he went out of his way to put a smile on his 5-year-old granddaughter Lisette's face. Now, a cute project he recently created for himself  is spreading on TikTok and warming the hearts of everyone who comes across his story.

Zielke, along with other family members, made a 10-day trip to Cabo San Lucas for the wedding. Lisette had to stay behind, but she found a clever way to be present at the escape - she stuffed four of her favourite Peppa Pig toys into Grandpa's suitcase. "Our first reaction was that (Lisette) wanted to come across so badly that she gave her toys (to us)," Tanya, Lisette's aunt and David's daughter, said today. "If she couldn't walk, then the toys should have gone with this adventure." Grandpa only discovered the stowaways when he was sorting his things on the first night of the trip.

An idea came up and Silke decided to take the toys with her for the whole holiday. The devoted grandfather then filmed activities Peppa Pig and company did, such as swimming, sunbathing, enjoying Mexican delights for lunch and even attending a wedding reception. Like any good filmmaker, Silke patiently worked  with his plastic stars,  giving them affectionate instructions like "don't go too far  in the middle" while the toys floated in the pool. Then he decided to edit a video showing all the  places the cartoon characters have visited.

Knowing that the figurines needed to be kept safe, the family decided to keep them close by  in a black tote bag at all times and to place them  on the dining tables and by the pool. While the rest of the group felt a little self-conscious about having toys, this quickly faded once the strangers realised what was going on. Right from the start, however, Zielke didn't care what others thought. "My father is an idiot and doesn't care what people think of him," says Tanya. "He wasn't ashamed to get those toys out."

Noting the warm reaction his father's actions evoked, the equally loving aunt decided to share the story on TikTok. "So you  want to see the cutest thing?" she wrote in a video that has  been viewed more than 13 million times. Tanya signed: "The award for the best grandfather goes to you, dad."

When the holidays were over, the loving grandfather and aunt organized the premiere of the video. Hoping to give little Lisette an adventure of her own, Tanya bought her a Peppa Pig dress and stuffed animals for her and her brother, and planned to take her to eat hamburgers. She also shared a finished video of her granddaughter's reaction to all of this. 

As if the devotion Grandpa showed throughout the trip wasn't touching enough, he left Lisette a love message  in a video clip. "You were in my heart the whole time," says David. “Thanks to your little toys, I hope you enjoyed this video. It's a keepsake to look back on, maybe  after I'm gone. It's just a small token of my love  for you and your little brother."

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