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Traditionally, it’s the bride that everyone’s dying to see, but this time it was one particular feline that made heads turn. 

Bridal couple Dee and Nick decided to include their cat named Moose in their special day than to rather leave their beloved pet at home during their ceremony. But this adorable four-legged member also had a very special task on the day. The couple  decided to give the handsome fellow the task of with being the ring bearer. And according to the adorable photos, he took his role very seriously.

Dee and Nick posted photos revealing how cute Moose look while wearing a “cat suit” to their wedding. Moose definitely stole the show in his custom collar and bow tie. However there is something about him in general that just exudes class, regardless of the outfit he’s wearing.

The elegant Moose also had his very own human escort at the wedding, who pushed him down the aisle in a rose-clad “chariot.” A hilarious photo of him on the special moment soon went viral. 

Moose not only had his amazing suit to give his class but he also had a tall posture and noble expression which stood out to people on the Internet. In fact, he almost looks as though he’s above it all. Several people commented on the hilarious site of the adorable cat which looks as if he is above all who attended the wedding.

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