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When the guy proposes, and the girl says yes, it's time to start thinking about the dream wedding that the girl has been dreaming about all her life – the one that the guy will probably be invited to.

From a young age, girls dream about what their wedding will look like, and it only gets more imaginative as you get older and your interests grow. 

You think about the design of your dress, the colour of the flowers, the candles filling the room and the beautiful decorations that will make your wedding a dream come true.

But, until you're actually planning your wedding, you forget to factor in the cost of that dream. And it's the biggest wake-up call you'll ever get: you're gonna have to compromise!

So, in an effort to have your dream wedding and save some money at the same time, you naturally race to the internet to find out how you can make these decorations yourself in an easy and cheap way.

If only someone was there to tell you that it's not as easy as it looks on Pinterest...

Watch this video to see couples try to make DIY wedding decorations! Can they do it??

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