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Date: 2019-01-31

Mary Winchenbach runs "Tirdy Works" where she makes "Poo Poo Clocks," "Fecal People" and other items – And, no, we're not lying.

She collects moose droppings around her Somerville home to turn them into crafts. Her business, Tirdy Works, has been selling wood crafts incorporated with moose poop for 15 years.

It sounds messy, but according to Winchenbach, it's completely sanitary. She says moose scat has less bacteria count than a cooked hamburger. "We track the moose through the woods. Either that, or we'll wait for a friend to call. If someone knows about a pile they will call us," said Winchenbach.

"Typically we will get between two and four hundred turds every time they take a dump." After they're collected, the turds are dried out in dehydrators for two to three days. The process will for sure make you think, but moose poop isn't what put Tirdy Works on the map. It's the owner's description of her creations. The owner of Tirdy Works knows how to sell a product and she does it by making people laugh.

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