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Bean, a very cute little pet rat who was saved, scrambled into an open tissue box and promptly dozed off, leaving her adorable little feet, defined little chine, and tiny belly exposed to the outside world. Bean's eyes remained closed even though her human Esther tried to wake her up. Bean didn't wake up "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" and ready for her treats until Esther brought over a dish of sliced almonds.

This time, I managed to catch Bean dozing off with her little feet propped up and totally unaware of anything around her. Almonds seem to win out in the end, though," says Esther. 

Yoghurt and cereal are two more foods that can rouse a sleeping Bean.

Bean was going to become food for a much larger animal until Esther saved him. Luckily, Bean became far too large, and Esther took over to provide her with a happy life.

The proud pet owner went on, "Ahh Bean. Bean is the complete package—sweet, astute, enjoyable, and loving! Initially purchased as a feeder for her intended use, Bean was repeatedly offered as prey over the course of six weeks. She must have been lucky, though, because she was turned down repeatedly and eventually became too large, forcing her owner to list her for free on Craigslist. I knew I had to go get her as soon as I realised she was only five minutes away, so I did so the next day."
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