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Rescued beaver named Beave, was only three weeks old when he was found next to the road, and now he is an online sensation with over 700,000 TikTok followers. 

When he was found next to the road in May 2020, he was taken to Nancy, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist. Nancy, of Raising the Wild, has committed to looking after Beave for at least two years which is the time it takes for adult beavers to teach their young the needed skills to survive. 

Nancy is led to believe that Beave’s parents may have been killed by poachers seeing that adult beavers tend to be highly protective of their young and will never abandon their young. “I will be teaching Beave his basic life skills to survive after his release in two years. Beave is bonded to me, so I am ‘mom’ to him.” At this point little Beave is extremely reliant on Nancy for food and comfort. 

Being an outdoor animal, Beave often prefers to sleep inside the house rather than outside. He does however has his own access in and out the house. While he has the opportunity to swim in an outdoor pond, he often uses the “doggie door” to come inside when he feels the need to have contact.

Even though this little fella enjoys his time inside, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t act on his beaver skills. Beave still has the instinct and a strong drive to build dams, even inside the house. Beave gets busy collecting random household objects and carries them around to build his dam. From pillows and shoes to toilet plungers and mats, Beave builds indoor dams from anything he can get his paws on. 

Nancy does however have a lot more extra housework due to his instinctual nightly habit. “He dams pretty much every evening. When I clean it up, he just rebuilds!” Nancy might get a break soon as Beave recently started showing signs that he’s ready to dam outside. Nancy shared several video of adorable little Beave busily organising sticks and mud at his pond.

There is still a lot to learn before Beave can be safely let back into the wild, but Nancy is sure that he will be ready in two to three years. 

Once the little eager beaver starts showing signs of aggression, which is a normal thing for all beaver, Nancy will take this as her cue to give him some space. Usually when it is time to mate,  beavers will start showing signs of aggression. 

Nancy plans to give Beave a “soft release,” by letting him stay outside and slowly reducing human contact. After a while Beave will leave the pond completely and start his new life in the wild. “I will distance myself from him as he will to me. Then all of a sudden he won’t be there anymore, as he has decided to set out and get a mate.”

Click the link below to see more adorable video of little Beave building his dams inside the house.





Check out videos of Beave and his dams below, and keep up to date with his rehabilitation progress on TikTok and YouTube.

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