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Identical twins are still somewhat of a misery to the average Joe. Two people who look exactly the same, and probably have the same mannerisms as well, can be a conundrum.

Telling them apart is usually where everyone else except the parents fail. Well, that’s if you know exactly what the differences are between your kids and can tell them apart from a mile. Also, it does help if they’re a bit older.

Video footage has gone viral of an adorable twin girl correcting her dad when he calls her sister by her name.

The dad was calling Harper’s name but he was referring to Charlie. That’s when Harper showed up and corrected him saying “I’m Harper, that’s Charlie”.

We just love the dad’s reaction. He simply says “Oh!” and then carries on calling Charlie, not Harper. We get the idea that this has happened before since everyone just carried on afterwards as if nothing happened.

At least the mom, we’re assuming it’s her, can be heard in the background having a good laugh like we did.

If we can give you a tip: the video gets funnier and even more adorable the more times you watch it.

Watch the Your Morning video below to see how the presenters enjoyed the adorable twin girl correcting her dad when he uses the wrong name.

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