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We can all agree that talent that only comes once in a lifetime deserved the biggest stage possible. For a child prodigy, that meant a feast fit for royalty. Lucy Illingworth, a 13-year-old blind and neurodivergent pianist, first wowed the world a few months ago.

Her piano performance of Chopin's Nocturne at Leeds railway station  shocked the judges of  British talent show The Piano and moved passers-by to tears.  Lucy was now performing to a much larger audience in an unparalleled setting - she performed to 20,000 people, including King Charles III and Queen Camilla, at a coronation concert at Windsor Castle.

Lucy has shared the stage with contemporary singers and music legends such as Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Take That and Andrea Bocelli. The prodigy played Bach's Prelude in C, a short but uplifting tune that sums up the young girl's journey to this moment. Now, she shined on the stage in front of one of the hugest crowds of royalty. 

This wasn't the only great accomplishment Lucy had accomplished in the last few months. A few weeks before performing at the Coronation concert, Lucy performed at the piano finale at the Royal Festival Hall in London. There she  again impressed the jury by performing Debussy's Arabesque No. 1 with  her teacher Daniel Bat. "This piece is a bit more difficult," commented renowned pianist Lang Lang, a Classic FM judge. “Chopin's Nocturne makes it easier to control the speed. This part should be... like  opening a treasure. It's a challenge, it's a job. But no exams, no fun, right?”

The young pianist  not only accepted the challenge, but also became the winner of the competition thanks to  her performance. Commenting on her choice as the winner, jury member and pop singer Mika said, "It was  just a matter of highlighting if something extraordinary is going to happen." Something that no one could forget... and it happened." Lang Lang also took the opportunity to describe the girl as " a real genius". Lucy is part of the Amber Trust, a non-profit organisation that provides musical opportunities for blind children. The organisation first noticed her love for music and has supported her for eight years by sponsoring piano lessons. "This is a phenomenal moment for such talent to be recognised internationally," they wrote on Facebook. "Congratulations, Lucy!"

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