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Classical music sometimes seems far from the modern genre. But, everything is linked. Grammy Award winner Jon Batiste knows this, having both a classical and jazz background and experimenting with pop and rock on his latest album. When asked in an interview how to break the barriers of music, he took to the piano and explained with the first notes of Beethoven's "Fur Elise." As the composer sat at the piano and the reporter watched from the sidelines, Wallace asked Baptiste to show him how to move from one genre to another. “Of course,” Batiste said. We're just messing around. You know we're at Juilliard, right? Beethoven, do you know that?

Then the composer began to create the famous "Fur Elise". At this point, Wallace had a big smile on his face. Its pure and natural interpretation gives the impression that life was created in the 19th century. “But you know, depression,” Batiste said before launching into the opening notes of “Fur Elise.” Batiste, uses the keys with appropriate and fast notes to make it sound like a blues song written in the American South 100 years later, the experience is not lost, and after proving his points, passes in another mode. “And the Gospel,” he said. The transition is smooth and smooth again. Music comes naturally to Batiste when he experiments with writing. The musician then laughed happily, showing the charming power of the notes he had just played. A dazed and almost hypnotised Wallace simply exclaims, “Unbelievable.”

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