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Do you work long hours at your desk? Has it been so long that you sometimes feel like you can't remember the last time you woke up? The Chair of the designer based in the United Kingdom has visualised what your chair can feel like. This 3D model imagines an office chair in the form of a coffin, addressing the culture of work with a sense of macabre humour. This office chair mockup allows employees to stay stable at their desks.

Featuring a wooden frame on casters, the inspiration for this beautiful design comes from Chairbox's long experience at the table. “I think if I die in this business, people will have to bury me this way.” Chairbox said: “I thought it would be very uncomfortable to lock myself in a coffin. In this case, you may need a special tube. I told the story to a friend and we laughed. But after a few weeks, I came back to the idea and looked into it further. “We then create a 3D model in CAD software, process it and publish it online.”

The coffin chair is called The Last Shift Office Chair. “When an employee dies on the job, management simply closes the lid and throws them into the company cemetery. It's simple but effective," says the Chairbox website. This design not only provides entertainment but also shows that people enjoy working beyond themselves these days.

“Humans by design are not designed to sit in a chair for eight hours a day,” Chairbox added. In a series of images, he shows more than one interpretation of the design, studying how the morbid chair will look on the exterior of various woods and in the fabric. He even placed them in a shared office to imagine a full-fledged office. After all, misery loves company.

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