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Space movies can be exciting to watch, but how realistic are they? Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, takes us on a trip to teach us what really happens out there.

Chris Hadfield is a retired astronaut who spent a lot of time in space. He's also written a book called 'An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth', a New York Times bestseller, so he's perfectly qualified to fact check movies about space ships and other planets.

Using his experience from NASA, Chris reviews a bunch of movies, including GravityPassengersArmageddonThe MartianInterstellarFirst ManHidden FiguresAd Astra2001: A Space OdysseySunshine and WALL-E.

It's fascinating to listen to him, and I guarantee you'll learn a chunk of new things too. For instance, Apollo 13 is brilliantly accurate, and that WALL-E and the fire-extinguisher propelling him along is too. The others, however, are not particularly true to life but, hey, if they hadn't received the Hollywood treatment, they'd probably be very quiet and not as exciting.

So, get yourself some popcorn and settle in to listen to the magical review of space movies by the astronaut, Chris Hadfield. He's fun, knowledgable and inspiring!

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