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Backyard astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy is willing to do whatever it takes to get the photo he's looking for. And in the case of his latest photo, that may mean going to a remote location to set up equipment on the side of the road. The result was worth it because he was able to take the most "sci-fi pictures" he had ever taken. Mr McCarthy took many photos of his ISS transit, but to make this photo possible, he left home at 2 a.m. to make the hour-long journey and the 6 a.m. event took place. Everything needed to be ready before the arrival. “This is a big deal for astrophotographers who are used to staying up late and sleeping until 10 p.m.,” he jokes. Because the solar transit occurs in a split second, McCarthy set up two telescopes to ensure he didn't miss any important moments. Fortunately, both telescopes were able to capture the transit, giving McCarthy a wealth of images to use when creating the final photo. The image, titled "From Kepler with Love," is a testament to McCarthy's love of the stars and dedication to his art. Shooting has its challenges, including long car trips and harassment from local residents, but it's worth the time if you can share your passion with others. 

“We are in a time of great division, and the opportunity to come together and appreciate the beauty of the universe can be a step toward unity,” he says. From Kepler with Love is available as a limited edition print on McCarthy's website, so you can secure a  space in his home. 

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