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It is no secret that baby animals can light up anyone's day with just one cute moment, and just as we thought that they couldn't get any cuter, they prove us wrong. 

Have you ever seen a cute baby owl with its fluffy and soft baby feathers? Well, if you couldn't imagine baby owls getting any more adorable, it turns out that they can. Baby animals have the tendency to nap it away for quite some time, but have you ever thought about how a baby owl takes their nap?

You might think it's the same way as their mother sitting upwards on a branch or maybe lying down on their back. Well, turns out baby owlets can't sleep upright as their heads are too heavy. 

So, until they get large enough to nap sitting up, the adorable babies lie down on their stomachs and turn their heads to the side before drifting to dreamland. And, no, they don't fall off, thanks in part to the strength of their back toe called the hallux. The hallux tethers the creature to the branch, and it won't move until the owlet bends its leg.

The owlets don't sleep for very long, and when they wake, they look like many of us do. The internet has been going crazy about the little tiny owls and their cute sleeping position. Wouldn't you just cuddle up with a baby owlet? I definitely would!

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