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A rescued rat named Olive has flourished in her home with Esther Minic-Rosenthal. Olive has shown off her talented mind by learning more tricks than any of her rodent siblings.

Esther has shared several videos about clever Olive. In one she captioned, “I’ve had rats for seven and a half years …Olive knows the most tricks out of any of my current rats she is just so sharp. It’s amazing”.

It was as though little Olive was destined for great tricks. “Olive in particular is just super calm with people in general …she has been training pretty much every single day since I got her which is not super unusual with my rats but I’ll say she picks up tricks faster than the majority of rats I’ve had.  …She knows how to walk on a barrel knows how to play basketball with another rat…she is very very happy to engage with you. if you talk to her, she wants to greet you no matter what she’s doing.”

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