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One little penguin was swimming for his life when he finally spotted a way out. The little penguin was in luck as a boat carrying a group of photographers was passing. To find a safe place to land, the penguin decided to hitch a ride from the Antarctic taxi. Photographer Vladimir Seliverstov, captured the original video of the experience. With a boat full of photographers, it is only corrected to assume that this event resulted in some incredible footage of the creature standing at the bow.

Seliverstov explained, “An Adelie penguin jumped into our Zodiac [inflatable boat] while we were cruising around an iceberg, he was escaping from a leopard seal and didn't want to go back into the water so we decided to take him to the iceberg where his friends were waiting.”

After the coast was clear, the flightless bird jumped from the edge of the boat to the hard-packed snow and ice, while the passengers on the boat cheered him on and said, “Bye!” And, “Thank you!”

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