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Reef, the sassy little fox, now lives out her days happily at at Pawsitive Beginnings in the Florida Keys after being rescued by the compassionate team. After settling in, it became clear that sweet Reef was very vocal with the people who cares for him. Adorable Reef and his other fox friends at Pawsitive Beginnings, were rescued from the fur trade across the United States. This means that these beautiful foxes were born into a tragic life of captivity with no future of being released into the wild to life out their days. The Pawsitive Beginnings sanctuary provides a new beginning to these foxes with the needed care to ensure a long, healthy and happy life.

However, little Reef does not sound like the rest of his fox friends. He hilariously sounds just like an old school fax machine when he vocalises.

"Pawsitive Beginnings is a 501c3 non profit fox sanctuary located in the Florida Keys. We take in foxes that have been saved from the fur trade here in the United States and provide them a safe and loving permanent home. These foxes were born in captivity and therefore can never be released into the wild due the vast genetic differences from their wild counterparts. It would be illegal and unethical to do so.”

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