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Little Mackenzie is a very special dog, and her owner Mandy Leung, knew that right away when she brought her home when she was still a 10-week-old husky.

When Mackenzie was a puppy she was  already blind in her right eye due to glaucoma. And unfortunately a month later when little Mackenzie woke up, she found herself completely blond in both eyes.

But Mackenzie doesn’t let anything get in her way of enjoying her life, especially not her blindness. 

Leung wrote on Instagram that, “Learning to adapt at such a young age has made her into a very confident girl. She gets around new places just fine and can play fetch like a normal dog!”

“I even forget that’s she’s blind sometimes because she stares right into my eyes when she looks at me.”

Mackenzie always loves to play with her friends in the park. That is if she is not enjoying her favourite snuggling with her mom. “Mackenzie is very quiet at home but she is very silly and mischievous outside. She is the most friendly pup and has never met anyone she doesn’t like.” However, the one thing Mackenzie loves more than anything is snow.

Mackenzie waits all year for winter time to arrive and to bring the snow. And when the snow finally starts, Mackenzie can barely contain her excitement. The adorable pup may not be able to see the snow and when its coming, but once she smells it, and feels it on her face, she cannot contain her excitement. 

Without her sight, Mackenzie’s other senses are heightened, such as her hearing, smell and touch. And snow is the one thing that seems to delight them all.

“Snow is one of her favourite things and she never wants to come inside if there is snow outside.”

If only it could be winter all year round.

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