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The world wide pandemic and lockdowns has introduced a whole new way of working. And while many are still adjusting to working from home other are still struggling to figure out the new online office life. Various of meetings and classes are being done online via video conferences, and we have seen some interesting videos of people still struggling to ease into it. 

You have probably seen some of the most hilarious moments, from kids interrupting important meeting to dogs barking and jumping on you while you are in a video meeting. 

However, have you ever had to speak to a potato for the whole duration of the meeting? Lizet Ocampo, political director at People for the American Way, made a particularly funny error during her Monday morning video call where she accidentally turned on the potato filter and couldn’t remove it. 

Ocampo works to encourage Latin voters to vote and help progressive candidates win elections. And due to this she also has regular virtual happy hours with community leaders. To try and put more fun into a boring screen and her happy hour meetings,  she downloaded a few funny filters including one that hilariously turns faces into potatoes.

However, when her Monday morning meeting came she totally forgot about the installed filter and started her professional meeting with her colleagues looking like a potato.

“So Monday morning, we had our meeting and I usually try to do a camera, and when we started the meeting, I saw myself as a potato. I was so confused as to why I was a potato. Of all the things I could be, why a potato?” After realising that it is one of the filters that she download, she tried to turn it off but soon realised that she couldn’t. “I just kind of gave up and stayed as a potato for the rest of the call.”

Even though it was a professional meeting, Ocampo’s error did put some fun into the meeting. One of her colleague Rachele Clegg even tweeted a screenshot of the hilarious situation, which has since been retweeted over 200,000 times. Clegg texted Ocampo, “Are you awake right now? I have something hilarious to tell you and I hope you think it’s as funny as I do because I’m also scared. I tweeted about you as a potato today and it’s VIRAL.”

Luckily boss Ocampo saw the hilarious side of her error and that it went viral and even joined in the fun with a few potato puns. “I yam potato boss,” she tweeted. “I yam glad this is making folks laugh at this time. Please stay planted at home and safe!”

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