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Small business owner Carissa Collins broke down in tears after getting she received a rude email from a vegan customer who complained of getting a free lollipop with her order. 

The TLC Body founder who lives on the Gold Coast, took to TikTok to share her saddening experience by just being kind and adding thoughtful gift in a female customer's beauty product order. 

The woman who has now also been dubbed a ‘Karen’ due to very clear reasons, send a rude email in return where she expressed just how unhappy she was with the 'sugary junk’. She also went as far as to claim that she would no longer buy anything from Collins because she couldn't be trusted. 

In her tearful video posted on TikTok, Collins shared the email, asking “when did it become okay to speak to people like this?”

“I literally just received an email from a customer complaining about me giving them a lolly. A bloody lolly in their order,” Collins said in the video. Honestly how this email was worded, it was almost as if I had stabbed them or something. What the hell. I am trying to do a nice thing by giving free gifts with orders. If you don’t like a lolly, don’t eat it.”

Karen’s email read, “So once again I’m in a position where I will not be buying from you again because I no longer trust your word. I don’t even eat lollies - vegan or not - what do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk in the first place?

“I’d rather pay less for my product than get something I never asked for or wanted. But if they were vegan I could have at least appreciated the thought.”

Karen then ended the email to say that she will never buy anything from TLC Body again. 

But the internet quickly showed their support to Collins with fellow TikTokers commending her for the “lovely gesture”.

“This lady is clearly a Karen,” one person said. “You don’t want customers like that, it’s a blessing in disguise, don’t let this put you down,” another said.

Following all the support from several supporters, Collins replied in a follow-up video, “All I can say right now is wow these last two days have been crazy. I am so blown away by your supportive comments and messages and purchases. I was not expecting so many people to see me Kimmy K crying on the internet. I really want you guys to know I appreciate you so much. Thank you for your support and kind words.”

“I had a stressful day, so I took the email very personally,” Collins added. But even after the hurtful email, Collins will not stop doing kind things for her customers and will continue adding sweet gestures. “I also won't be stopping throwing in free lollies with my products, I think it is a nice touch... I guess the woman was having a bad day.”

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