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It has become easy to edit magic tricks into videos nowadays, but can you guess if these clips are video editing or real magic?

Wes Barker is a terrific magician. In fact, he even fooled the famous duo of Penn & Teller in front of a live studio audience. He's also hilarious, enjoys his beer and doesn't mind a cuss word or two.

In this video, he's joined by a fellow magician named Eric Leclerc, and their muggle, Sarah. The idea is pretty simple. Barker made a few videos of himself performing magic, and his guests have to say whether it was real or if he edited it on his computer.

What's really cool is that Barker explains how he made the ones that were edited, although he doesn't give away his secrets for the real magic tricks. It's a hoot too, with all three of them enjoying adult beverages as they discuss each video.

If you're into magic, then Barker's YouTube channel is full of fun stuff. He does street magic, comedy clubs, pranks and stage illusions. He also dissects magic scenes from famous movies, and hosts a podcast with other magicians, including Chris Ramsay, who we've featured solving puzzles before.

So, do you think you can figure out which magic tricks are real and which involve video editing? Then best you hit play and get your magic on!

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