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To coexist peacefully with snakes is simply by giving them their space. However that often requires for you to spot them first and know where they are especially when you enter their territory. But it is not always that easy. 

Recently, Arizona-based reptile relocation service Rattlesnake Solutions shared a photo taken by one of their handlers. At first the photo may look like a peaceful scene, however there is someone who  who’d prefer to be left alone and can be quite dangerous. In the photo  a western diamondback rattlesnake is hiding out somewhere. Can you spot her?

If you're struggling to find her, you're not alone. Due to her remarkable ability to blend in she could go quite unnoticed.

Bryan Hughes, owner of Rattlesnake Solutions explained, “Rattlesnakes are great at hiding, and their natural camouflage can be nearly perfect. It is a good example of why most people never even know they’re near them."

The snake is actually hiding front and center and is hiding in the shade of a rock. Can you see her now?

"We do a lot of posts [on Rattlesnake Solution's Facebook page] that we consider context training. The more homeowners can practice at seeing snakes in hiding, the better they are at it in real life. We’ve heard from many people who follow our page that they were able to see a rattlesnake hiding in the yard that they don’t feel they would have otherwise seen. As a result, they were able to potentially avoid a bite, and the snake is safer as well."

In the end, it is very important to know where to look for snakes and where they may be hiding so that you can give them the needed space to protect yourself and our beautiful creatures.

"That kind of awareness goes a long way towards coexistence in these areas where development and native habitat intersect," Hughes said.

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