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The only time when the phrase “he’s just not that into you” is accepted  is if you have four legs, a fluffy fur, and meow from time to time. 

According to a new study cats actually enjoy being around humans who don’t identify as “cat people.” The study found that cats love being given the control and independence that is why they enjoy being around people who simply tolerate cats. 

An animal behaviour scientists at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham conducted a survey on 120 people. In this survey the interactions between each cat and human were measured to assess how comfortable the cat was, how the person behaved and which behaviours the cats liked the most.

The survey revealed that people who lived with cats were prone to hold and pet their cats more than the cats liked. Older people tried to grab and restrain the cats more than younger people, and extroverts tended to initiate contact, which cats aren’t that into. However, the cats gravitated more towards the participants who offered ‘passive’ attention and minimal touching. Researchers also noticed cats stuck around those who stroked the cats at the base of the ears and under the chin.

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