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There are many different videos and photos of animals on the internet, from the most hilarious dog and cat moments to the cutest little puppy dog eyes. 

Cats, however are a interesting species on their own. From giving out the weirdest meow to  sneak attacking their owners. Cats are also best known for their flexibility and way to always land on their feet. However Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki takes a conceptually lighter approach to his feline images as he has a new way of photographing the furry friends in action.

Hiroyuki snaps away at ordinary felines in the midst of action which reveals the delightful world of ninja cats. In his photos the cats appears to be performing martial art and demonstrate the impressive agility of young cats. 

To show how each cat bends and twists with ease and how many cats have incredible verticals and can leap far into air, Hiroyuki uses a feather toy and high-speed photography techniques. Their exaggerated poses also make convincing sparring photos.

After taking away the cat toy, Hiroyuki was able to get some cute snaps of the little kittens who look like they are trying to defeat one another with their best roundhouse kick or strike. 

The result of his photos is amazing. It definitely showcases the gracefulness of our furry friends as well as the importance of timing. When it comes to the shutter speed Hiroyuki used on the photo,  if he had hit the shutter just a second later, a photograph would look totally different.

Not only has this amazing photographer posted his images of his ninja cats online, but Hiroyuki has also produced two books on his ninja cats for all fans to buy. 

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