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A Russian farmer named Alla Lebedeva is known as the queen of cat ladies. That's because her farm became the home to "a million, maybe more" Siberian cats. 

For over ten years, Lebedeva and her husband Sergey have been raising this majestic breed of felines on their farm. It's located in snowy Prigorodny, just outside Barnaul, Siberia. But, it wasn't until 2004 when their first lion-like cat named Babushka gave birth to five ginger kittens. That's when their cat collection began. Since then, the couple's farm became overrun with furry friends. 

But the cats are indeed doing their part of the job and chores. As Lebedeva explained, the cats "protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice."

Since the 1870s, this magnificent ancient, long-haired Siberian breed has been known as one of the most intelligent cats that walked the Earth. Their thick coats protect them from the freezing elements, while their muscular, agile bodies make them ideal for hunting. 

Lebedeva's little furry friends don't just have a whole farm to keep them occupied. They have a lovely safe space in the henhouse where they have "three 'little bedrooms' there where can they sleep according to how they feel."

Lebedeva also loves to document her beautiful cats and regularly shares her images and videos on social media. In fact, some have already gone viral. 

However, people have often mistaken the Siberian breed for Norwegian Forest cats. Now, Lebedeva wants to set the record straight and show that these beauties are Siberian natives.

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