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The very incredibly vocal Moluccan Cockatoo named Max told his human that he wanted an apple. When she asked why, Max raised his voice and threw a violent verbal tantrum like a toddler asking for an apple. Once the very verbal Max calmed down from the tantrum, his human gave in and decided to give him a piece of apple.  However, after having to sit through the tantrum, it seems like her efforts of finally getting him a piece of apple where for nothing as he either didn't want it or completely forgot about it  and fell asleep. 

 He said: "What started as a conversation about an apple turned into a tantrum. In  many ways I am like a child with very big feelings. I threw a wobbler at an apple, but when my mother finally offered it to me, I wasn't interested anymore."

His human said that sometimes Max throws tantrums for no reason but that there where at least one person who knew how to keep the feathery child at bay. "My mother knows how to give me the space I need to express my big feelings. She stays calm and waits. She also stays away when I'm upset - I'm not always rational about my actions during a tantrum. Tantrums don't last long when you feel safe. My human understands that being a bird is just part of me - I can be very loud but that's my way of expressing myself."

“Sometimes you just have to tell the world  about your problems. In  many ways I am like a child with very big feelings. Even though I threw the wobbler, I didn't have anything in particular to yell about - and I couldn't even tell Momager what happened. After a powerful scream I felt a lot better and then it was time to relax on the bar and think about taking a nap.”

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