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If you're usually around dogs and cats, you've probably noticed that they have a habit of napping. Some of them are picky about where they fall asleep, while others sleep in the most uncomfortable spots on the floor. In general, you know that there is no greater honour than when they fall asleep on your lap or in your arms. That's exactly what happened to news anchor Colton Bradford. And this happened to him not only  at work, but also a wonderful moment happened when he appeared live on television. The show that day looked very promising when Bowe, a pup who was looking for a home with the help of the Boston Animal Rescue League, visited NBC10 Boston. During the sports segment, Bradford and his co-host Melody Mendes provided coverage of the NHL playoffs, and Bradford carried Bowe in his arms the entire time. 

 While wide-eyed at first, the pup  quickly dozed off in the anchor's arms. With a quick glance at her, Bradford realised Bow had fallen asleep and reacted excitedly. – OH MY GOD, she's sleeping! said the presenter, framing it with a big smile on his face. As Mendez continued to announce the news, Bradford gaped in excited disbelief.

With a "shhh" sound, Bradford whispered, "The baby's sleeping." After repeating the line to clarify why they had to lower their voices, Mendes took the opportunity to thank his producer for giving them the moment in "puppy cuteness". Bradford then added that Bowe was available for adoption and that they could contact the Boston Animal Rescue League  for more information. 

 In the end it didn't take long. Bow's charm worked like magic and she immediately found a home  after this outstanding performance. And her cute sleeping face has made many want to have a pet in their family. People are also lining up to adopt the Bowe siblings, according to NBC10 Boston.

In addition, the Boston Animal Rescue League has other dogs, cats and other animals available for adoption. Even if you are not from Massachusetts, adopters from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York are welcome. You can learn more about her tame pets, who are as cute as Bow, on her website.

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