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After a nice weekend holiday, Monday morning hits you like a bull's eye. You wake up feeling close to horror and  reluctantly get out of bed. Then you reach for the coffee machine with half-closed eyes. Imagine what it's like when a bear wakes up from a very long sleep and there's no coffee in sight. A bear named Chada recently caused a stir with a hilarious video that captures the moment she wakes up and emerges from her hiding place, while people can't help but appreciate the expression on her face.

Chada lives a happy life, sleeps a lot and has fun at a polar bear sanctuary in Ukraine. The shelter initially released footage of the bear waking up with the message: "Good morning. "We are all like Chad on Monday" on Instagram and TikTok. The latter quickly went viral, garnering over 23 million views. The clip was also posted on Reddit, where it drew some funny comments. One Redditor wrote: "Me too, friend. Me too." Another intervened, "It's me...every morning." Unfortunately, this lazy bear's life wasn't limited to long sleeps. "Chada underwent surgery at the Ukrainian National Circus from a young age and spent most of his life on wheels touring," the shelter writes. She was then deemed unnecessary and sold to a private circus. "In the end, he left her in a small, rusty cage in an industrial area on the outskirts of Kiev. The bear spent seven years there.” Thankfully, animal rights activists found out about her, leading to her rescue and relocation in 2019.

Thankfully, Chada is now living a happy life at the orphanage. There she plays all day and scratches herself with her favourite stick. Although she has very poor eyesight and  almost no teeth due to previous abuse, her bravery continues to win  fans around the world. “Chada had a tough life, but he remained a fighter. And thanks to her character and her zest for life, she became the star of our bear family."

Even though many though the video showed Chada coming out of hibernation, the shelter eventually clarified and said that it was just a normal afternoon nap and her headpiece-like fur was a result of Chada shedding her thick winter coat. While the light colour of her fur has some wondering if she is a polar bear, she is in fact a member of the Himalayan subspecies of brown bear, classified as an endangered group by the IUCN.

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