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The Irish are known for their dark sense of humour, but a recently deceased Dublin man named Shay Bradley took it to a whole new level by being the last laugh at his own funeral. Before his death, he ordered that after his coffin was lowered to the ground, a pre-recorded message should be heard aloud. To the mourners watching, it seemed as if Bradley was screaming for help from his own grave.  

The morbid joke gave family and friends a nice moment on a gloomy day. In the video posted to Reddit, Bradley can be heard shouting "Hi?!" before the knock sounds. "Let me out," he seems to be calling from his coffin. Is that the priest I hear? The mourners are caught on camera, first looking stunned, then bursting out in laughter.

"His last wish was  that we play it at his funeral." Bradley's daughter Andrea tweeted, "What a man... made us all laugh even though we were incredibly sad." Funeral, but also appreciated in the network. On Reddit, one user wrote, "Laughter really helps with grief," while another commented, "It seems pretty obvious that this man loved to bring joy to others and even after his death he wanted to keep making people smile." .” We are sure that we will miss him!

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