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Underwater, experienced diver Rex Colubra befriends an incredibly friendly smallmouth bass which he has named Elvis. Whenever  Colubra went under, Elvis would find it and stay there, chasing away the other fish. Colubra compared Elvis to an underwater puppy. 

"Just when he started scaring off other fish  I thought you know what this is about, the behaviour of a jealous dog or a jealous cat, it's like a sea pup. It's so interesting," he explained.  One day Colubra made a specific noise to tell Elvis  where he was and Elvis answered. Since then, all Colubra has to do is make a fuss, and Elvis finds him. Since then they have  had many reunions. "I had the idea that teaching him the tone I make would try to find myself. It found me  exactly two minutes later and  was the only fish  I saw during the entire dive.”

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