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Cats often think that the whole house is their territory, where they can relax wherever they like. But maybe thanks to a few whimsical crafts, these cats won't be sitting on the couch anymore, because now they have their own cat-sized version. A current craft trend is to crochet miniature sofas just for their kitties. Some of the furniture even includes an adorable granny square throw that can be draped over your back or arms. 

Aptly named "Cat Sofas," these medium-weight crochet patterns are available online for anyone to try. There are many seating concepts and styles, so they can be customised to suit the aesthetics of the person or, more importantly, their cat. The cat may need a chair for two, or it may prefer a comfortable chair. Regardless of the pattern you choose, each pattern uses yarn, a few crochet hooks, and foam and stuffing to shape the pieces to look like a full-size piece.

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