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The company Somedays, known for selling period relief products, brought awareness about the painful experience by sharing the pain through a stimulator. Lux Perry, the CEO of somedays, and her team brought the device to a Calgary-area rodeo to challenge cowboys to experience different levels of menstrual cramps.

The period pain machine has a variety of pain settings. The level 10 on the device is the horrifying pain which has sent several women to the hospital. 

One of the most enthusiastic participants the team received was a cowboy himself.  In a now-viral video, the brave cowboy started at a lower level and then is gradually went up. When he reached the level seven, he really started feeling it and even shared that he cannot imagine that someone take this much pain on a monthly basis. However, it wasn’t until level 10, which is similar to the pain of someone living with endometriosis, that this cowboy couldn’t stand on all two and even gave the group a “yeehaw.”

Perry explained, “At first, we were getting a lot of side eye. There is still so much stigma associated with periods and period pain, so a lot of people see the word ‘period' and then instantly want to look away.”

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE ON TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@getsomedays/video/7118756355602648366

“Now we have hundreds of people lining up with their partners just so they can get a feel for what their partner with a period experiences each month. And the vast majority of participants have been so humbled by the experience that they end up thanking us afterwards for the opportunity to learn more about period pain and usually end up purchasing some of our period pain relief for their partners. We’ve even cried a few times—the genuine empathy is just so moving to witness.”

Champion Bull rider also tried the stimulator. Check it out here 


Watch men try the period simulator in the videos below.


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