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Funny CCTV footage has kept people entertained for many years, allowing us to laugh at some of the funniest and awkward moments caught on camera. 

Over the years, more and more people have been installing cameras in their homes. The result is that many have been left laughing and stunned when they rewatch the tapes. 

From people tripping over things to porch thieves and people slipping on their icy driveways, these videos have put a smile on millions of people's faces. You never know what you might catch on camera, and it's such a treat when you spot something fascinating. Especially when you would expect a video of a regular day outside your house. 

Yet, Texan Al Brooks was in for a treat when he reviewed video from outside his home. You might have seen some beautiful birds passing by throughout the day, but as Brooks had it, a curious bird flew right up to the camera outside his home. But that was not was caught Brooks' eye. As the bird flies by the camera and pauses to take a look at the mysterious 'eye', it looks to almost be floating in thin air. 

This isn't the work of a video effects artist; it's actually a visual phenomenon known as a stroboscopic effect. By chance, the bird's wings were beating at the same frame rate as the camera. This made it possible for the bird's wings to look as if they were completely still. 

It's the same effect you are looking at if you see a video where a helicopter's propellers or a car's wheels look frozen, even though they're actually in motion.

It's incredible to see and more intriguing than those creepy clown-on-the-porch videos!

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