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Have you ever wondered what more there are to our wild life animals? Have you ever wondered if they almost function the same as humans or if they also have the ability to dream?

Illustrator Brooke Barker created a series of adorable illustrations called Sad Animal Facts which illustrates fascinating facts you might not have known about some well known animals. For example did you know that a housefly can only hum in the key of F? Or did you know that blowfish have no muscles? 

Barker’s ongoing series highlights some surprising fact we probably didn't know about pigs, giraffes, hippos, goats, and much more. His creative series features strange-yet-fascinating facts that are accompanied by Barker's charming drawings and a witty comment from the animal subject in the image.

Even though the title of Barker’s ongoing series, Sad Animal Facts , might makes it seem that the fact are depressing, it might not always be so for the animal seeing that the odd truths are often told with a sad-to-us-humans spin. For an example, the fact that dogs can't see television might seem sad to us humans but for a canine it doesn't necessarily matter as they would not know that. They just recognise that it's the chance to sit close to the person that they love.

See some interesting facts down below. You might just learn a thing or two.

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