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What do you do when you live in a country with a lot of snow during winter and have a big backyard? Well, you build a bobsled track, of course.

Aivis Berzind from Latvia wins our Dad of the Week prize for building arguably the coolest (and only one we know of, to be honest) bobsled track in his own backyard.

Aivis started building the track six years ago as an outdoor activity for his kids. The track has a length of 170 metres, and you get around on it by sitting inside the customised bobsleds that Aivis built. The ride lasts about one minute and you can reach speeds of 30 km/h.

Not only is he one cool dad, but he also used only recycled material, one of the reasons why he could do it all within a budget of just over $60. The bobsleds are repurposed motorcycle sidecars with old pipes attached as the runners.

On that note, we’ll just have to watch Cool Runnings again this weekend. Come on, Jamaica!

Watch the KHOU11 video below to see the awesome bobsled track that Aivis in Latvia built for his kids in their own backyard.

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