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The internet has been a great place to gain some interesting knowledge about any topic, such as the latest talking point which centres around the tensor tympani. The Tensor tympani is the muscle in the ear which has the big impact on what we hear. For example, that muscle is used dampen sounds like chewing, shouting and claps of thunder, to reduce the loud volume you hear it at. Even though some of you are not able to do much more with that muscle, there are some people who can actually flex this muscle voluntarily. Twitter user, Massimo posted this fun fact to the internet world, which now has racked up thousands of views. 

When the tensor tympani is contracted, this can cause a rumbling sound in the ear. Although most people aren’t capable of doing this voluntarily, there is some people who actually have this ability. In fact, nearly 70,000 people belong to the Ear Rumblers Assemble Reddit. If you are starting to feel a bit left out, no worries. There is still the possibility that you might experience this by yawning or when you have a tensed jaw or neck. You can also replicate this this effect by holding a tensed muscle, such as a clenched fist, against your ear.

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