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Squirrels are very incredible creatures, not to mention clever, agile and cunning. So, it won’t come as a surprise that these amazing creatures sometimes pose just like superheroes. These fuzzy tailed animals have been photographed several times in the moment where their landing looks like the famous Captain America. In each superhero lookalike pose, these squirrels have a very determined look in their eyes, as though they are on their way to fight evil threatening the town.

Many of these squirrels have gone viral for their classic pose, with many commenting and captioning this is how these clever animals land on the ground. However, the truth is that this superhero post is not as magical, and is actually the moment they are scratching their armpits.

Wildlife photographer and zoologist Dani Connor Wild revealed this interesting fact by sharing a video of a baby squirrel striking the pose and getting in a good scratch.

Even though these adorable squirrel’s superhero pose is not of the nature we expected, it is still pretty adorable and fun to imagine the furry tailed rodents saving the day.

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