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The very talented musician who is skilled in playing the piano, Lord Vinheteiro, has once again blown his viewers minds with a very unique performance. The skilful pianist changed up his tune by performing two separate tracks of the classical Bach piece “2 Part Invention” on a homemade bottle organ. 

For those of us who don’t know what a bottle organ is, the bottle organ concept was developed back in the early 1800’s with a bunch of beer bottles stacked together and that are used to make music. The organ sound is produced through blowing air over the open tops of the beer bottles. 

The bottles are filled or "tuned" using mineral oil, so it will not evaporate or change tunings during weather changes. The organ usually is self contained with brass fittings, lighting and is housed in a walnut enclosure on casters.

After performing the classical song on the bottles, Vinheteiro used his clever skills of editing to make the video appear as though he magically moved from one bottle to another in only a single breath. Breathtaking right?

“I played Bach’s 2 part invention on a bottle organ.”

Listen to the piano version also performed by Vinheteiro.

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