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If you have watched the famous hit show ‘The Office’, you will definitely know the famous chilli of the character Kevin. Well it seems like the actor also enjoys his chilli as much as his character, as he released his new chilli cookbook. During his appearance on The Rich Eisen Show where he promoted his new chili cookbook, actor Brian Baumgartner also revealed how Kevin Malone so easily spilled his world-famous chili on The Office in only a single take.“The bottom half was styrofoam and it was genius because it made it top heavy. …we filled it with chili and there’s no way for this to flip out. …you would have to hoist it to get it out. So they were like, we put in styrofoam on the bottom then a bunch of chili on obviously a lot on top but it made it top heavy and I was able to spill it. I don’t think I have ever shared that before.” He continued to explain, “That scene became improvised once i was on the floor…. I think, I may be wrong, but grabbing the the file to try to scoop it back in, I think that was me and if not I’m gonna take credit for it.”

Here’s the original scene.

Here’s Baumgartner’s ad for Busch’s Beans.

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