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As a child, we always have that one toy which is very special to us. And misplacing it can be quite devastating. However, when you lose your toy at dominos, don’t fear as all toys are treated equally.

After a T-rex toy was left behind at a Dominos, the staff couldn’t help but make it a part of the team for the night. The dino toy, named Bitey, got the first hand experience of what it is like working at the famous pizza store. Domino’s New Zealand shared the now viral video to their Facebook page showing the entire adorable sage.

The post read, “Last week, one of our stores received a worried call asking to check if ‘Bitey' the T-rex had been left in the foyer after his family had picked up pizzas that evening. Sure enough, Bitey was there!”

The employees made Bitey his very own domino cap and a name tag, to make him fit right in. Bitey received some valuable on-the-job training where he had to take orders, talk to customers, make the pizzas, and off course at the end of the day, wash the dishes.

It was too late for the little dino to be sent home after a hard night of work, however Bitey was finally reunited with his beloved owner soon after. “The team assured Bitey's family he was in good hands,” the post continues, “and he was sent home with plenty of stories to tell about his first shift at Domino's the next day.”

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