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The Muppet show, has thought of it all throughout the years of keeping us and our little ones entertained. One of their segments from an episode of The Muppet Show in 1980, included the might vikings. 

A determined crew of muppet viking pigs onboard is determined as they announce their intentions and plans to invade a foreign unknown land. While making their journey the vikings sang along to a rousing cover of the classic Village People song “In the Navy”. 

And just in the muppet show, giving everyone a chance to take part, the figurehead dragon sitting on the bow of the ship also joined in with a verse. While the skit was amusing, the lyrics take on a bit of a chilling timbre when the pigs actually ransack the village singing “We want you, we want you…” 

“A group of Viking pigs…took several animals from a small village to their ships, leaving at least one villager to drown in their wake as they sailed away.”

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