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This furry friend, Titan, was adopted by his forever family from Fury Friends Animal Refuge in Lowa the end of August 2020 and, since then, his new parents have had a blast getting to know the him.

When Titan was adopted, there was still a lot he had to learn about being a dog. His parents soon started watching him slowly come out of his shell and explored the world around him.


Titan has not only shown his parents that he’s pretty much the friendliest dog, but that he can also be the most stubborn from time-to-time. 

Natalie Bretey, Titan’s mom, said that "He has to say hello to EVERYONE when we go out. Everyone is his friend. While he does love being a big, friendly baby, he is also severely stubborn. He will frequently halt on walks until we go the way he has decided, or to stop and watch cars and people go by. We knew he was loving and friendly, but we had no clue how stubborn he was." 

Titan loves to show a friendly face when he gets to go on walks, which is his favorite thing in the world to do. However this doggo’s least favourite part is when it’s time for the walk to come to an end. Titan’s parents explained that he frequently tries to make his walks last longer, which usually lead to many standoffs between him and his parents. "He walks as if he has never had a walk before in his life. Which at first, may have been the case!"  

Titan, who is now 7-years-old, does have a few health issues. Some of his health issues includes chronic ear ulcers, mild hip dysplasia and allergies.


His parents actively addressed his ear issues, but worried that his hip dysplasia – which hasn't acted up yet – might be a problem when Titan encountered stairs. "We realized he wasn't a fan of stairs the very first day. We got back to my boyfriend's apartment, and quickly realized that Titan had no intention of walking up the stairs. We started panicking; was this because of his hip dysplasia?!" 

After worrying that his aversion to stairs could have been that he was in pain, the couple soon realized it was just because he didn’t feel like climbing them. This routine stunt became Titan’s new trick every time he has to climb stairs, as he cries to his parents to carry him up them. One of his famous stunts is faking a limp, however, after he has been carried to the top of the stairs, the limp magically disappears as he will run down the hallway as fast as he can.

His parents explained that "Titan pulls his limp trick at least once a week. This past week, he tripped on his new jammies going up the first step and stumbled back. He held his paw in the air and looked at me with the most pained look he could muster. I called his dad to come carry him up the stairs. Since he had stumbled this time, I was worried he wasn't faking it for once! His dad came down and said, 'He's probably faking it again' and hoisted him into his arms and up the stairs. Before we even reached the top, Titan was wiggling his way out of the set of arms and onto the floor. His limp was gone, and he jogged to the front door. We just laugh. He is a great actor!" 

Although titan might not have encountered stairs before he came to live with them, he still has not developed a taste for climbing them. Even with all his tricks and stubbornness and his joy for life, his parents love him more than ever. "We try not to think about all the things he went through, but have had fun watching him learn how to ride in a car, enjoy pup cups from coffee places, go on walks, and interact with everyone. His big heart has made every hard moment worth it." 


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