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Every person feels good when a man's best friend is looking sharp and feeling good about himself. But that was not the case for this canine companion when he was left looking a bit sorry for himself after a failed trip to the groomers.

Since doggy groomers finally opened their doors after the worldwide lockdown, people have been treating their pups to some grooming to look gorgeous again. However, one dog-owner was left in hysterics after picking up her furry friend from the groomers.

The poor golden doggo named Bear looked way different, and some might say a bit scary, after his grooming visit. The owner shared a video on TikTok of the experience, with the caption: "Please pray for Bear, ain't nothing wrong, he's just a little ugly now."

She added: "We hoped Bear's first trip to the groomer would go well. It did not. He now looks like the clown from IT."

The video soon went viral and racked up thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

One viewer joked: "My man looks like he just lost 20 pounds," while another added: "He looks like he's contemplating his entire existence."

"That's not your dog, they lost yours and made up some s*** about the haircut," another jokily warned.

The owner said that she knew the groomer intended to shave him, as he was very matted.

"That doesn't mean I can't laugh about how ridiculous he looks now."

On his way back home from the groomers, Bear was looking a little down. The owner commented: "That photo kills me, like, what's got you so down buddy? Is it the fact that you're hairless now?"

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